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"Where there is kindness there is goodness and where there is goodness, there is magic.

                          - Disney Cinderella quote


Who We Are:

High Council Productions, LLC is marketing with a mission. Our company is dedicated to creatively promoting local businesses through acts of kindness and online sales supporting our Santa Cruz community. 

We promote your business and enrich our community!

What We Do:

Since Covid, we've had to redesign and recreate guided by the vision and values that High Council was founded upon.  We are delighted to open Santa Cruz Boutique, an online store featuring local products. Every purchase supports local businesses, local artists and 15% of each purchase after expenses directly supports continued acts of kindness throughout Santa Cruz County.  Our new line "apparel with a purpose" has begun with our woman's signature hoodie.

Through our commitment to contribution and enhancing our community, the non-profit affiliate High Council Foundation, was registered active status with CA Secretary of State in February 2020.  Presently we are honored to host National Guard Appreciation, a special Thank YOU from our Santa Cruz community to the men and women of the Army National Guard on Sunday, September 27th at 5-7pm with a fleet of charter boats carrying 100+ service members and their families on a sunset cruise.  In appreciation of their support during critical need since March, please join in and gather at Twin Lakes Beach or on the water with a boat, kayak or surf board.  Together we create a memorable experience and a message of immense gratitude!

A mother and daughter’s creative imagination and big hearts are proud to share High Council Productions, LLC with dba Santa Cruz Boutique and affiliate, High Council Foundation with you. 

Sutter staff.jpg

An appreciation gift was delivered to the staff of Sutter Maternity.  "Thank you for all the attentive care you continue to give our mamas and  babies in our community."

IMG_7971 (1).jpg

On July 1st, our HC Street Team was fueling gas tanks from Felton to Watsonville.  The next day we received this message...

  "Huge thank you from a local legend

Hello my name is Dean Mazzei.  I'm 3rd gen native Santa Cruzen. After talking with my dad yesterday, he mentioned that while at the gas station on the corner of Soquel and Frederick St. two nice girls approached him and offered to pay for some gas and he was surprised and grateful.  So let me tell you who you helped out. 

My dad's name is Aldo Mazzei and my eyes is my biggest hero and one of the most modest and respectful human beings I know.  For you see he spent 50 years here in Santa Cruz coaching little league baseball at Harvey West Park. That's 50 years of volunteering and mentoring 10-12 year olds.


I was lucky to have him as a coach at that age myself.  He showed the kids how to work hard and be respectful of one another while still having fun. I've talked to many in their adult lives that played for him and have nothing but praise for him.  Current day my dad and mom live on a social security budget and I do my best to help as much as I can. I just wanted to thank you so much for your act of kindness and yes you helped my personal hero.  Please continue on your awesome mission.  Cheers, Dean"

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