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“Kindness is compassion and love in perfect harmony”

- RAKtivist


Presenting Collective Acts of Kindness in Santa Cruz County

Anyone can sponsor a kind act in Santa Cruz County!

The HC Street Team becomes the hands and feet of your generous donation with unique community outreach.

The HC Street Team may present anything from a grocery gift card to a cup of coffee, a restaurant gift certificate to a local shopping spree and much more to randomly chosen individuals and families on the streets of Santa Cruz.  

In addition, selected individuals and families from submitted nominations can receive a need or a wish from a month's rent to a child's new bike, a supply of diapers, groceries, an auto repair and much more.


With the consent of the recipient, all gifts, products and or services given, will be documented via social media, website, monthly newsletter and local editorial.

Get involved and please contact our team for more information.

“It's cool to be kind”

- Linnea McFadden

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